Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MIDI Keyboard Controller Review Category

We're happy to roll out the MIDI Keyboard Controller category for user reviews. Until now, MIDI was mashed in with the Synth category. Eventually we will add many more categories, including Drums/Percussion and Computer Audio Hardware, with sub-categories to follow.

The existing MIDI controller reviews will live in the Synth category for the time being since it's a manual process to move them over to the new area. Going forward though, please add any MIDI keyboard reviews to the new area.

1 comment:

Ed said...

Please, please, please reinstate the "search for recent reviews by category" function. That WAS the single most useful aspect of H-C (IMHO). I used to browse that area of HC DAILY. Without it, I'm almost never there (except to check to see if it has been reinstated yet). I am sure that I am not alone; I hope you can reinstate this very useful option. Thanks!